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DR Congo

New media contribution: Retrait de la Monusco de RDC

Interview for rfi on the gradual withdrawal of the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Monusco.

New media contribution: L’accord UE-Rwanda: Regards croisés sur les enjeux régionaux et internationaux

Interview for Actualite.cd on the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the European Union and Rwanda on sustainable value chains for raw materials.

New Publication: Collaborative Research: Perspectives on North–South Collaborative Conflict Research: A Conversation between Two Research Partners

This contribution is a dialogue between two Conflict Studies academics, who have both invested in close research collaboration.

New Publication: Contested ‘commune rurales’: Decentralisation and the (violent) struggle for public authority in the Democratic Republic of Congo

This article explores how decentralisation policy and specifically the establishment of communes rurales in DR Congo turned into a profoundly destabilising juncture, shaking existing governance arrangements

The Social Anthropology of Security Practices in areas affected by recurring conflicts in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (Uvira, Fizi, Mwenga, and Djugu territories)

This project investigates the socialization processes that (re-)configure (violent) security practices occurring in the civil wars of Central Africa.

Gender, Climate Change and Conflict in practice: Adaptation, Resilience and Sustainable Peace in the Africa Great Lakes Region

This project aims to map and examine how local communities in general, and women’s movements in particular, adapt and remain resilient in settings where climate change is exacerbating protracted conflict.

Mining ecology, early urbanism and environmental knowledge in Katanga: a deep-time interdisciplinary approach

Through an interdisciplinary approach involving political anthropology, oral history, environmental archaeology and historical linguistics, this project aspires to transform our understanding of the deep-time interactions between artisanal mining ecology, early urbanism, and indigenous ecological knowledge in the southeastern DRC.

What does peace have to do with it? Examining the creation and operationalisation of peace arrangements and their actors in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Warfare and the nature of conflict have substantially changed over the last 40 years. Yet, the procedures and content of peace agreements have not evolved with this change.

Utafiti ya Amani

Security dynamics in the eastern Congo are shifting rapidly. In April 2021, a new government was sworn in with a program that outlines its priorities for peacebuilding in the eastern Congo.

Understanding urban protest in a context of war: an ethnographic analysis of ‘urban political terrains’ in eastern DRC

This PhD project looks at the nexus of violence, conflict, and urban protest in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.