Through an interdisciplinary approach involving political anthropology, oral history, environmental archaeology and historical linguistics, this project aspires to transform our understanding of the deep-time interactions between artisanal mining ecology, early urbanism, and indigenous ecological knowledge in the southeastern Democratic Republic of the Congo, more specifically in the present-day Sanga-speaking territory of the Haut-Katanga Province between ca. 1000 CE and today. 

  • Funding: GOA, Special Research Fund (BOF), Ghent University
  • People involved: Koen Bostoen (Languages and Cultures), Karen Büscher, Gillian Mathys (History), Jeroen Cuvelier, Peter Coutros, Timothy Makori Maastricht University), Edouard Ilunga wa Ilunga (Lubumbashi University), Mandela Kaumba Mazanga (Lubumbashi University), Igor Matonda Sakala (Kinshasa University)