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Petro-sexuality in the Niger Delta: tracing back the colonial roots of toxic geographies and masculinity

Despite that the Niger Delta region is the wealthiest in resources, the people of this region are amongst the poorest in the world.

Insecure Livelihoods Series

If we can draw one overarching policy implication from the Congo wars, it is the growing disconnect between the existing international conflict response toolkit and the complexity of violent conflict on the ground.

The Dynamics of Urbanisation and Ethnic Contestations in Peri-urban Areas of Ethiopia: Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa cities in Focus 

With experiences of ethnographic fieldwork, this Ph.D. research project unearths the dialectics of urbanisation and ethnic contestations in peri-urban areas of Ethiopia by focusing on Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa cities.

Centre for Public Authority and International Development (CPAID)

CRG is a key member of the Centre for Public Authority and International Development (CPAID), which conducts interdisciplinary research to strengthen knowledge about how the governance of societies in impoverished, marginal and/or conflict-affected places actually functions.

Changing urban residency: Migration, temporary settlement and new urbanisms in Africa

This research project is focused on temporary migration and settlement in Angola, DRC and Zimbabwe and how, in specific cases, they both extend in time and become permanent, creating unforeseen new urbanisms.

Adolescent Autocracies: Pro-government student groups in resurging authoritarian regimes

Students and universities have traditionally been considered bastions of (democratic) resistance.

An imaginary Jihad? How knowledge construction on conflict zones generates transformation

This PhD project looks at several actors’ ‘violent imaginaries’ of the Malian conflict.