Despite that the Niger Delta region is the wealthiest in resources, the people of this region are amongst the poorest in the world. The region is characterised by an unseen ecological crisis due to oil spills, which have a devastating impact on the environment, and by the omnipresence of armed violence in all aspects of everyday life. This violence related to the oil-extraction, has only intensified poverty in the region, which leaves women particularly vulnerable. Despite the growing interplay between nature and gender, the issue of gender remains partly unexplored within resource extractivism research, especially in the context of the Niger Delta. This project will focus not only on the gendered realities of living with pollution, armed violence and extraction in the Niger Delta, but also on various historical legacies of contemporary structures of resource exploitation and gender dynamics in the Niger Delta.

  • Funding: FWO
  • Time: 2022-2026
  • People involved: Amina Adebisi Odofin (PhD student), Maria Martin de Almagro Iniesta (supervisor), Esther Marijnen (supervisor, WUR)