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Gender, Climate Change and Conflict in practice: Adaptation, Resilience and Sustainable Peace in the Africa Great Lakes Region

This project aims to map and examine how local communities in general, and women’s movements in particular, adapt and remain resilient in settings where climate change is exacerbating protracted conflict.

Gender, Climate Change and Natural Resource Management

With this project, we propose a deeper critical interrogation of what meanings gender equality and women’s empowerment assume in natural resource management initiatives in conflict-affected countries.

The Political Ecology of Conservation Conflicts

This study goes beyond Human-Wildlife Conflict to explore the broader multi-scalar politics that produce both conservation and its conflicts

The maritime in the landlocked: The position and role of seas in the modern shaping of the Ciscaspian-Central Asian region.

This research, which focuses on the early-modern and modern historical periods,  looks into the position and role of these water surfaces and their respective littorals in western Central Asia’s social history.

The Spectre of Political Induced Mobility in Kenya

This research project aims to explore how historical land grievances and post-colonial structures have contributed to political induced violence that has led to different categories of im/mobilities.

The political economy of river sand mining in South Asia: A commodity chain approach

South Asia's riverbeds are a primary site of conflict between the need for development and environmental protection.

Lalaw ha mga buntod (sacred mountains)

Navigating autonomy and forest conservation in two Philippine contested frontiers

The political economy and governance of river sand commodity chains in Ethiopia

This research, outreach and networking project aims to better understand the political economy and governance of river sand commodity chains in Ethiopia to put the topic on the agenda of policy makers and civil society in Ethiopia.

The politics of time at the ASM-LSM interface in south-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

This project investigates how the politics of time shapes the interaction between ASM (artisanal and small-scale mining) and LSM (large-scale mining) actors in places where the two forms of mining co-occur.

Petro-sexuality in the Niger Delta: tracing back the colonial roots of toxic geographies and masculinity

Despite that the Niger Delta region is the wealthiest in resources, the people of this region are amongst the poorest in the world.