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Violent collective actions and the ‘democratic transition’ in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has remained in turmoil since its recent transition that begun in 2018.

Utafiti ya Amani

Security dynamics in the eastern Congo are shifting rapidly. In April 2021, a new government was sworn in with a program that outlines its priorities for peacebuilding in the eastern Congo.

Understanding urban protest in a context of war: an ethnographic analysis of ‘urban political terrains’ in eastern DRC

This PhD project looks at the nexus of violence, conflict, and urban protest in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

The politics of Hidden Urbanisation in the D.R. Congo

This project sets out to investigate ‘hidden’ forms of urbanity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in order to achieve a better understanding of the profoundly political character of rapid urbanisation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Populism in the era of soundbite politics: A conversation with Journalists and Researchers from Southern and Eastern Africa as well as South and South-East Asia

Populism is a global phenomenon, yet it takes distinct local and regional shapes. Often conceptualized as a discursive style (cf. Laclau 2005), populism has increasingly been analysed through its socio-cultural performative elements (i.e., Ostiguy, Panizza and Moffit 2021)

The political economy and governance of river sand commodity chains in Ethiopia

This research, outreach and networking project aims to better understand the political economy and governance of river sand commodity chains in Ethiopia to put the topic on the agenda of policy makers and civil society in Ethiopia.

Social resilience after sexual violence in Eastern DR Congo: from decay over reparations to accountable governance

Eastern DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) has known over three decades of war and violence in which the population in general and women in particular became victimized in a situation of state and societal decay.

Rebels in Space

The study of violent conflict in the post-colonial world has burgeoned in recent decades and finds increasing interdisciplinary traction. This triggered new literature conceptualising contemporary conflict and focusing on an array of case studies and themes.

Promotion of Peace and Stability in Eastern DRC (Pro Paix II)

This project seeks to inform policy about security conditions and opportunities for programming through independent, regular and field-driven analysis in areas and topics of concern in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The politics of time at the ASM-LSM interface in south-eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

This project investigates how the politics of time shapes the interaction between ASM (artisanal and small-scale mining) and LSM (large-scale mining) actors in places where the two forms of mining co-occur.