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New Publication: Conflit, Coltan, Cliché?

French edition of Christoph Vogel's book on conflict minerals and white saviourism out soon with Goma-based Editions Mlimani.

New Publication: Singing truth to power

Transformative (gender) justice, musical spatialities and creative performance in periods of transition from violence

New Report: Climate Change and Conflict in the Ruzizi Plain (DRC)

The report discusses the way in which climate change effects play out locally in South Kivu’s Ruzizi Plain, and how they interact with, add to, or alter existing conflict dynamics in this territory.

New Publication: “The Eyes of All Acholiland Were Turned Towards This Hill”

CRG's Sara Weschler, along with Arthur Owor from the Centre for African Research, shared the historical narratives of the Lamogi Rebellion from the British colonial report archive to the Acholi community in an educational book.

New Publication: Collaborative research

This contribution to the virtual encyclopedia on postcolonial hierarchies in peace and conflict provides perspectives on North–South collaborative conflict research.

New media contribution: Retrait de la Monusco de RDC

Interview for rfi on the gradual withdrawal of the United Nations Mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Monusco.

New media contribution: L’accord UE-Rwanda: Regards croisés sur les enjeux régionaux et internationaux

Interview for Actualite.cd on the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the European Union and Rwanda on sustainable value chains for raw materials.

New Publication: Sustaining gender: Natural resource management, conflict prevention, and the UN Sustaining Peace agenda in times of climate catastrophe

This article explores how decentralisation policy and specifically the establishment of communes rurales in DR Congo turned into a profoundly destabilising juncture, shaking existing governance arrangements

New media contribution: Waarom voeren landbouwers actie?

Interview for Radio 1 'De Wereld Vadaag" on farmer's protests in Belgium.

New Publication: Collaborative Research: Perspectives on North–South Collaborative Conflict Research: A Conversation between Two Research Partners

This contribution is a dialogue between two Conflict Studies academics, who have both invested in close research collaboration.