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Past Events

New Roundtable presentation: Climate Justice: A Report from the Global South

This roundtable at the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington discusses how the climate justice movement in the Global South is responding to new “Green colonialism”?

New Panel Presentation: Is Context Everything? Social Cohesion in a Global Perspective

This panel during the annual conference of the research institute social cohesion (14 to 16 September 2023; Leipzig) brings together scholars and practitioners working on social cohesion and reconciliation from different perspectives and academic disciplines, focusing particularly on the African and the Asian continent.

CRG Book launches: Conflict minerals, inc. by Christoph Vogel

A conversation between CRG author Christoph Vogel and Jeroen Cuvelier on Christoph's new book on conflict minerals in which he analyses why the campaign against ‘unethical’ mining went awry, and radically disrupted eastern Congo’s political economy.

CRG Book launches: Rebellious Riots by Sam Kniknie & Karen Büscher

Karen Büscher (CRG) and Sam Kniknie (CRG in conversation with Emma Elfversson (Uppsala University) & Kieran Mitton (King's College)

CRG Book launches: The political economy of civil war and UN peace operation by Mats Berdal & Jake Sherman

Natalie Domaas (CRG) discusses with Mats Berdal (King's College) the operational and political challenges facing UN operations in relation to the complex political economies of conflict.

CRG Book launches: Tales of the Post-Plantation by Robin Thiers

Patricio Abinales (UH-Manoa) and Jeroen Adam (CRG) discuss the intriguing tale of 'people, plants, and pathogens' encountered in the exploration of Philippine banana plantations.