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Past Events

Workshop: The political economy and governance of river sand commodity chains in Ethiopia

The workshop highlighted the governance of river sand commodity chains in Ethiopia to reduce the socio-ecological implications of sand extraction and ensure sustainability.

Seminar: Women, Peace and Security

Discussion the important role of women in conflict situations and the need for inclusive approaches to avoid or resolve conflicts.

Roundtable: Understanding ongoing conflict in North Kivu

A Conversation on Forgotten Struggles, Challenges and Prospects

Conference: “neglected crisis, not forgotten’: Democratic Republic of Congo

Conference in collaboration with MSF on the humanitarian situation in Eastern DRC.

Book Launch: Good soldiers don’t rape with Megan Mackenzie

This book uses feminist theories of ‘rape culture’ and institutional gaslighting to identify myths, and misconceptions about military sexual violence.

PhD Defence: Anatomy of the jihadi phenomenon in Cameroon

On 2 February Hans De Marie Heungoup will defend his PhD on the Jihadi phenomenon in Cameroon.

Book Launch: Nasser Road: Political posters in Uganda by Kristof Titeca

In this book talk on 6 February (11:30am), Kristof Titeca will discuss his book on political posters in Uganda with Koen Vlassenroot.

Book Launch: Gender and Citizenship in Transitional Justice by Sanne Weber

In this book talk on 23 January (12:30) , Sanne will describe what gender-sensitive peace and justice looks like for those supposed to benefit from these processes, based on fieldwork in two locations on Colombia’s Caribbean Coast.

Book Launch: Facilitating researchers in insecure zones with Mats Utas

Drawing upon his extensive research experience Mats Utas, in conversation with Karen Büscher, will elucidate how fragile relations with research brokers risk creating a single narrative of war.

New Roundtable presentation: Climate Justice: A Report from the Global South

This roundtable at the Institute for Policy Studies, Washington discusses how the climate justice movement in the Global South is responding to new “Green colonialism”?