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The Spectre of Political Induced Mobility in Kenya

This research project aims to explore how historical land grievances and post-colonial structures have contributed to political induced violence that has led to different categories of im/mobilities.

Violent collective actions and the ‘democratic transition’ in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has remained in turmoil since its recent transition that begun in 2018.

The making of youth in violent conflict

Youths position themselves at the forefront of contemporary violent conflicts worldwide. While violent conflict has often been used as a synonym for (civil) war, for this special issue, we define it more broadly as conflict that involves (groups of) people resorting to violent action and physical violence against others.

Representations of Violence in Literature and Other Media

This doctoral school aims to critically reflect on the concept of violence and provide insight into its literary and media representations.

Dataset on political violence in Bangladesh

This project starts from a new dataset on political violence in Bangladesh. Based on four newspapers (one English, three Bengali) the project aims to map political violence in Bangladesh from 1991 to the present.