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The political economy of river sand mining in South Asia: A commodity chain approach

South Asia's riverbeds are a primary site of conflict between the need for development and environmental protection.

The moral politics of violent death in Bangladesh

This project wants to understand how rebel groups and societies deal with violent death as a part of civil strife.

Border as “Opportunity”: Informal Cattle Trade across the Bangladesh-India Borders

The project, generally, intends to understand how borderland population put their efforts to adapt to transforming international borders and earn alternative livelihoods.

Dataset on political violence in Bangladesh

This project starts from a new dataset on political violence in Bangladesh. Based on four newspapers (one English, three Bengali) the project aims to map political violence in Bangladesh from 1991 to the present.

Authority Production & Justice Delivery through Conflict Mediation in Rural Bangladesh

Authority is the legitimate power (Weber, 1947) produced in different forms and several circumstances.

Adolescent Autocracies: Pro-government student groups in resurging authoritarian regimes

Students and universities have traditionally been considered bastions of (democratic) resistance.