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Obituary: In Honor of Datu Makapukaw

Mary-Ann Manahan wrote a tribute in memory of her research collaborator Datu Makapukaw who tragically passed away.

New podcast: The humanness of humanity has a history

In the 9th episode of PUAN podcast, co-host Saumya Pandey interviews anthropologist Mark Goodale on the history of human rights.

New Panel Presentation by Karen Büscher: Peripheral urbanisation and central political stakes

This presentation on 27 November during the conference on Politics and Policies of Africa’s Intermediate Cities organized by IFRI will discuss politics of boomtown urbanisation in Eastern Congo.

New Publication: Ethnic Violence in Sri Lanka: Politics of Sinhala-Tamil Tensions

Co-authored by Amit Ranjan, this chapter looks at claims to genocide in the context of the civil war between the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government.

New Special Issue in Territory, Politics, Governance: Transnational Assemblages and Security Knowledges.

This Special Issue focuses on the notion of transnational security assemblages as central to understanding multiscalar processes of security knowledge production.

New media contribution: Climate Change and false hope (Kathmandu Post)

Narrowing climate change to hope leads to the denial of the sickening and sinking emotions that the landscapes are already experiencing.

New Panel Presentation: Addis Ababa’s Peri-urbanisation

This presentation on 27 October during the conference on Urban Politics in the Global South will discuss peri-urbanisation as a microcosm or contestations over state formation in Ethiopia.

New media contribution: Pollution dans le Delta du Niger

Amina Adebisi Odofin discusses the role of women as agent of change in Nigeria

New media contribution: Nord-Kivu: regain d’affrontements entre M23 et groupes armés locaux (Radio Okapi)

Christoph Vogel discusses the recent involvement of local armed groups against the M23 on Radio Okapi.

New Publication: The Geopolitics of Green Colonialism Global Justice and Ecosocial Transitions

This upcoming book, co-edited by CRG's Mary Ann Manahan, provides a platform for the voices that have been conspicuously absent in debates around energy and climate in the Global North.