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Lecture: ‘A fluid that sticks: notes on oil production in Kazakhstan’

On May 21, 2024 (TUE) Maurizio Totaro will discuss the social, political and environmental effects of hydrocarbon extraction in the western regions of Kazakhstan, where most of the oil and gas fields are located.

Lecture: Histor(iograph)y: an ideological-identitarian frontline? Gulag commemoration and nation-building in Kazakhstan

On May 7, 2024. Although the Soviet Union’s Gulag system is popularly mostly associated with Siberia, some of its major branches, like Karlag and Steplag, were situated and operating (1930-1959) in what is now Kazakhstan.

Call for participants: Summerschool on fieldwork in violent environments

Contemporary practices of capturing violence and violent capture (16-19 September)

Book Launch: Performing Sovereign Aspirations with Bart Klem

It adopts a performative perspective to understand the institutional landscape around the Tamil separatist conflict during and after the Sri Lanka civil war.

Roundtable: Gentse Gronden’-sessie: Grond is Landbouw

Jeroen Adam moderates a roundtable on city of Ghent-owned land and farming.

Public Lecture: Histor(iograph)y: an ideological-identitarian frontline?

Discussing Gulag commemoration and nation-building in Kazakhstan together with Aimar Ventsel and Bruno De Cordier.

New Panel Presentation by Karen Büscher: Peripheral urbanisation and central political stakes

This presentation on 27 November during the conference on Politics and Policies of Africa’s Intermediate Cities organized by IFRI will discuss politics of boomtown urbanisation in Eastern Congo.

New Panel Presentation: Addis Ababa’s Peri-urbanisation

This presentation on 27 October during the conference on Urban Politics in the Global South will discuss peri-urbanisation as a microcosm or contestations over state formation in Ethiopia.