This book project consciously moves away from the ubiquitous just transition rhetoric, seeking to strengthen more meaningful concepts like green colonialism, global justice, and ecosocial transformation in the debate about Green New Deals and pathways out of the planetary polycrisis. Intervening in this debate from a multidisciplinary and internationalist perspective that combines academic and activist knowledge, this book amplifies the voices of networks, movements, and alliances in the Global South to help generate a stronger counterweight to the new hegemonic phase of tech-based and corporate-led green capitalism

  • Funding: Institute for Policy Studies, Pacto Ecosocial del Sur, Global Working Group Beyond Development, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Regional Office for West Africa
  • Time period: 2022-2023
  • Editors: Miriam Lang (Universidad Andina Simon Bolivar), Mary Ann Manahan, Breno Bringel (State University of Rio),Ruth Nyambura (Kenyan ecofeminist)