Sara Weschler

Sara Weschler’s research traces the historical roots of several volatile land conflicts currently unfolding in northern Uganda’s Acholi region. By applying a longue durée lens within a political ecology framework, she analyzes these contemporary land conflicts as part of the enduring legacy of colonial-era environmental engineering through sleeping sickness control and wildlife conservation in the Acholi region.

Sara Weschler holds a BA in Linguistics from Brown University, and an MA in African Studies from Columbia University. She has been involved in a wide range of post-conflict recovery, social justice, and research initiatives in northern Uganda since 2007. Her current project relies on ethnographic research in the districts of Gulu, Nwoya, and Amuru, as well as archival work in collections in Uganda, the U.S., and the U.K.

New Publication: “The Eyes of All Acholiland Were Turned Towards This Hill”

CRG's Sara Weschler, along with Arthur Owor from the Centre for African Research, shared the historical narratives of the Lamogi Rebellion from the British colonial report archive to the Acholi community in an educational book.