Emmanuel Akampurira

Emmanuel's area of expertise are: Human and social dynamics of conservation and ecological monitoring in the great Virunga landscape. More specifically he focuses on understanding Human-Wildlife Conflict (HWC) interactions around protected areas and how these conflicts can be mitigated. He has also conducted studies on Non timber forest resources and social aspects of hydrological systems in the great Virunga landscape. His studies have mostly focused on the Bwindi Mgahinga Conservation area in Uganda and important habitat of the endangered mountain gorilla and a world heritage site.

New Publication: Understanding Conservation Conflicts in Uganda: A Political Ecology of Memory Approach

This paper introduces a political ecology of vernacular memory to discuss the Basongora people's vernacular memories of their historical dispossession to create the Queen Elizabeth National Park (QENP) in Uganda.

The Political Ecology of Conservation Conflicts

This study goes beyond Human-Wildlife Conflict to explore the broader multi-scalar politics that produce both conservation and its conflicts