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Populism in the era of soundbite politics: A conversation with Journalists and Researchers from Southern and Eastern Africa as well as South and South-East Asia

Populism is a global phenomenon, yet it takes distinct local and regional shapes. Often conceptualized as a discursive style (cf. Laclau 2005), populism has increasingly been analysed through its socio-cultural performative elements (i.e., Ostiguy, Panizza and Moffit 2021)

Populism in conflict

Populism has become a buzzword in popular and media discourses in recent years. Academic debates on the concept of populism—what it is and is not, where to look for it, and its normative prescription—have been highly contested.

Centre for Public Authority and International Development (CPAID)

CRG is a key member of the Centre for Public Authority and International Development (CPAID), which conducts interdisciplinary research to strengthen knowledge about how the governance of societies in impoverished, marginal and/or conflict-affected places actually functions.