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Indigenous People

Lalaw ha mga buntod (sacred mountains)

Navigating autonomy and forest conservation in two Philippine contested frontiers

Creative Actions in Times of Political Crisis and COVID-19 Pandemic: Everyday Vitalities in Conflicted Communities in Mindanao, Southern Philippines

Drawn from the context of the conducted multi-sited two-year ethnography with the internally displaced Lumad ethnolinguistic groups in Manila and Mindanao, Southern Philippines also known as Lumad "bakwit" (evacuees) before and during the militarized lockdown and global COVID-19 pandemic, this Ph.D. research project provides a transdisciplinary, theoretical, methodological, and empirical narrative of the impact of the militarized pandemic in the Philippines on the internally displaced Lumad evacuees who politically act, resist, and speak out on issues such as human rights violations, environmental plunder of their ancestral domain, widespread state-sponsored impunity, and deprivation of social services.