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What does peace have to do with it? Examining the creation and operationalisation of peace arrangements and their actors in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo

Warfare and the nature of conflict have substantially changed over the last 40 years. Yet, the procedures and content of peace agreements have not evolved with this change.

The making of youth in violent conflict

Youths position themselves at the forefront of contemporary violent conflicts worldwide. While violent conflict has often been used as a synonym for (civil) war, for this special issue, we define it more broadly as conflict that involves (groups of) people resorting to violent action and physical violence against others.

Promotion of Peace and Stability in Eastern DRC (Pro Paix II)

This project seeks to inform policy about security conditions and opportunities for programming through independent, regular and field-driven analysis in areas and topics of concern in the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

An imaginary Jihad? How knowledge construction on conflict zones generates transformation

This PhD project looks at several actors’ ‘violent imaginaries’ of the Malian conflict.