The 20th Anniversary Conference of the Conflict Research Group will be accompanied by a visual exhibition. The pieces you will find here on our website are also on display in the various rooms of the conference venue. The exhibition explores Conflict Research in a variety of ways. Thus, the visual counterpart to our conference includes maps, cartoons, photographs and videos by CRG Researcher and others.

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Christoph Vogel

Is a postdoctoral researcher at the Conflict Research Group (UGent) and the Research Director of the Insecure Livelihoods Series at Ghent University. He is a former UN Security Council expert and co-founder of the Ebuteli research institute in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Giovanni Salvaggio

Is an independent researcher and mapping specialist focusing on conflict in Eastern Congo and migration in the Mediterranean. He is also a freelance photojournalist and a consultant with Congo Research Group.

Mapping the Evolution of Conflict Dynamics in Eastern Congo

Visual Methods of Conflict Research: The Case of the NDC-Rénové